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Why Should I Rent Tools & Equipment?

December 4, 2020

If it's not something that will be used frequently, or if it's a specialty piece of equipment, then rental is the way to go.

What are 3 advantages of renting?

First and foremost, cost! The cost of most equipment, if not used regularly, does not justify a purchase for a one off application. Generally, you could rent an item 10-20 times versus a one time purchase.

Secondly, our equipment is professionally maintained and generally less than two years old, ensuring proper operation and safety.

And lastly, convenience. Call or come in, pick up and go. Bring it back, drop it off and you are done. We take care of the cleaning and maintenance.

Not Sure What Rental Equipment You Need?

It depends on your particular job requirements and workplace location. It also depends to some degree on your operator proficiency and time allowed for the job. It helps to think of exactly how you're going to use the rented equipment and the job at hand.

At West Ashley Tool & Rental, we supply customers with rental equipment every day, and we have the knowledge and experience to match our customers with the best piece of equipment to get the job done.

We are able to give recommendations based on the specific information about the type of project you're going to be undertaking and even demonstrate the equipment before you leave or walk you thru a demo video in our showroom.

So Yes, Renting Equipment Makes Sense. Why?

Flexibility - Having an entire rental fleet at your disposal gives you the freedom to get your project done at your own pace and at a huge savings. Rent the exact equipment you need for the job at hand and get it done right the first time!

If we don't have it, you don't need it!

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