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August 2, 2021
‘Diggerland’ lets kids operate construction equipment in coolest amusement park

Ever met a kid who doesn’t like toys? I bet you haven’t. Kids love toys, that’s 100 % for sure. They always ask for new ones because they just can’t ever have enough. There are times that parents would try to not spoil their kids by limiting the toys they buy for them and that’s […]

July 28, 2021
DIY Compost Bin | Backyard Projects

If your yard needs an extreme makeover, improve the soil first. This sounds tough, but compost makes it easy. It’s the ultimate soil amendment – experienced gardeners call it “black gold.” And you can make it for free! All it takes is a blend of yard and kitchen waste. Unlike sprawling compost piles, this bin […]

July 21, 2021
13 Places You Can Get Free Gardening Containers

Gardening can be expensive! From buying fertile soil to your favorite heirloom seeds, there’s a long list of gear you need to grow a bountiful, productive garden. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in order to create the lush-looking oasis of your dreams. You just need to think outside the box. One of […]

July 20, 2021
How to Tackle Cleaning Your Garage

It might be helpful to grab a couple of cardboard boxes of varying sizes as you are sorting to help group and contain smaller items that are laying around like screws, paintbrushes, sandpaper, etc. Don't rush into purchasing storage bins quite yet until you have this step completed. This way you will be better able […]

July 12, 2021
DIY Raised Garden Bed with Built-in Privacy Wall

This DIY project combines a large, raised garden bed with a privacy wall to block out your neighbor’s view of your garden while providing a good size growing space. I have provided plans for building 6×3 and 8×4 beds. For this project, I used pressure-treated lumber. The Best Wood for Raised Garden Beds has more […]

July 2, 2021
DIY Home Renovation: Does It Worth It?

Homeowners renovate their homes for different purposes. You may want to add on the resale value of your house, enhance the environment or lighten the mood inside. Anyone refurbishing a house has a constant question in mind, ‘do I do it myself, or hire professionals?’. When it comes to home renovations, doing it by yourself […]

July 1, 2021
Host An Inexpensive Summer Bash

Scroll To See More Images I have never been so ready to throw some hot dogs on the grill and have myself a summer BBQ with my best friends. That being said, I’ve spent the last few months online shopping my little heart out, so I’m in need of some cheap barbecue ideas that will […]

June 4, 2021
DIY Cottage Garden Obelisk

DIY Cottage Garden Obelisk I am so excited to start doing DIY projects to go in our outdoor spaces for the season! I had the idea to create a cottage garden obelisk for our garden and Jose was kind enough to build one [or three] for me! While we have many structural supports for our […]

June 2, 2021
How to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space With summer temperatures on the way, many of us are beginning to think about how we can create a welcoming space to gather with friends & family and really create an integral extension of our homes! If your current space needs some sprucing up or you're just starting to […]

April 23, 2021
Hurricane Season - Maintenance Time On Your Generator!

Just a head's up that tropical season is 6 weeks away. That generator that has been stored in the shed for the past two years unused is going to need a tune up. Even if it has been covered and well kept, just sitting without regular running can cause a host of problems such as: […]

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