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My Chainsaw Will Not Stay Running

November 29, 2020

The most common problems why a chainsaw does not stay running are:

  • Spark Switch/Plugs
  • Bad Fuel
  • Blocked Carburetor

If your chainsaw runs for a few minutes and stops working, it shows there is an underlying problem that must be fixed. You should understand the issues and know how to fix the chainsaw as it helps you save money and time, and still have the saw running. Start by looking at the basics such as fuel, spark plugs, and switches, and if making adjustments does not resolve the issue, examine other parts of your chainsaw.

Spark Plugs

A spark plug that's dirty, worn, or cracked won't spark and ignite the engine's fuel.

Bad Fuel

Old or bad fuel can go bad after just 30 days.

If you suspect that old fuel might be gumming up your saw, drain the tank, fill it with fresh gas, and try starting it again.

Use premium gas or fuel in the correct mixture, so that there will be no interference with how your machine operates.

Blocked Carburetor

If the engine won't start even though there's fuel in the chainsaw, the carburetor could be the problem.

Chainsaw Repair

Sometimes the fix can be more complicated. If you just cannot get your chainsaw running it may be a better choice to let a professional take a look to diagnose and repair.

Let our professional repair department get your chainsaw running today.

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