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How About An Oyster Roast?

November 27, 2020

A traditional Charleston-style roast takes place outside, and a large table (or extra-large, for quarantine shucking) should be adorned with the necessities: oyster knives, gloves, towels and a trash can to dispose of the spent shells.

There are multiple techniques to cook your clusters — including wet burlap sacks to capture steam, cast-iron flat tops and open fire pits — but using a large seafood steamer may be the most oyster roastconvenient for first-timers.

If you don’t already have some of the necessary supplies on hand, it might be more affordable to rent. West Ashley Tool & Rental will set you up with one of its “Oyster Roast Party Packages” equipped with all the essentials for $185.

We supply everything you need for your next oyster roast that can easily fit in the back of an SUV.

The package comes with an oyster steamer, propane cylinder, gloves, oyster knives and a large trash can. After attaching the propane tank, fire up the burner, fill the steamer with a few inches of water, drop the oysters once you get a head of steam, and about five minutes later they’re ready to serve.

Using our cooker is convenient, a little cleaner and saves you some of the hassle.

But with eight-straight months including the letter “R” (when oyster are best for harvesting), and so many opportunities to roast, some hosts may opt to keep the equipment on hand.

Purchase our package or order one of several cookers available from TideLine Outfitters, a local online shop or West Ashley Hardware (right next door).

If we don't have it, you don't need it!

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