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‘Diggerland’ lets kids operate construction equipment in coolest amusement park

August 2, 2021

Ever met a kid who doesn’t like toys?

I bet you haven’t. Kids love toys, that’s 100 % for sure. They always ask for new ones because they just can’t ever have enough.

There are times that parents would try to not spoil their kids by limiting the toys they buy for them and that’s good.

But did you know that giving toys to kids has benefits?

Although we are aware of how kids are fascinated by toys, it’s quite strange to think why some of them prefer to play with objects that belong to adults like a TV remote, keys, plastic bottles, and many more.

They are probably curious whenever they see things that are new to their eyes.

Another great thing is when kids want to try some tasks or jobs that adults do.

This is the reason why children are into pretend play. When they want to experience being a cashier, they can have toy cash registers.

When kids aspire to become a chef, it’s very easy to find some toy kitchen. For kids who love to experience doing construction activities, construction toy trucks are always available online.

Now, though, these kids can seriously level up their playing skills.

There’s actually an amazing place for kids where they can experience real construction equipment like bulldozers, drum-rollers, and many other types of machinery.

It’s at Diggerland Amusement Park and it’s located in West Berlin, New Jersey.

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They are not toys, either. They are absolutely real but they are safe for kids.

Just remember that there are age and height requirements on every ride.

If the kid’s height doesn’t meet the requirement to ride the machinery, it’s still possible for them to experience them so long as they have their parents or guardian with them.

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If your kids have a height below 36 inches, they can try micro diggers. This is perfect if they badly want to try to operate these huge machines.

The height requirement usually ranges from 36 inches to 48 inches but you can check more details here.

Diggerland Amusement Park has a lot more to offer.

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Aside from construction equipment, there are more attractions that you could expect once you visit this amazing place.

There are kiddie rides, video arcades, and water attractions. There are actually many things to look forward to in this heavenly park.

It’s not only for kids.

There are also activities and attractions that are available for adults.

So it’s really a perfect place for family.

Once your loved ones go there, it’s sure that you would all enjoy it because of what they offer.

Diggerland has many visitors probably because they are also very generous in giving promos. According to their website, they offer 30% off for their season pass sale. From $159.95, it’s now at $129.95. That’s already a good deal.

With this one, you would get unlimited visits to the park and other discounts on their attractions.

A heavenly place

When kids and even adults discover this place, this will surely be added to their favorites.

It’s beautiful and safe for everyone.

Parents just need to be sure of keeping an eye on their kids whenever they try the big equipment. Although it’s fun, safety should always be the priority.

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Michael Dabu is a contributor at Parenting Isn't Easy.

This content was originally published here.

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