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Amazon Sells a DIY Backyard Guest House with Free Delivery

March 21, 2020

Need extra space?

Nowadays, you can pretty much find everything you’d possibly ever want or need on Amazon, as well as things you never knew existed (from live ladybugs, to real human finger bones, and even roast beef bath soak! 😳).

But did you know that you can even buy an entire Backyard Guest House or Home Office Kit on Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep for free? Who knew? 😱

How cute is this tiny house? The Allwood Sommersby 174 sq. ft. Garden House Kit, currently priced at $8,560 with free shipping, would make a great pool or garden house – and I’m loving that window front door! 😍 This kit comes with all the directions and materials you’ll need, except the roof shingles and foundation materials.

Prefer more light? This contemporary, urban style Allwood Arlanda XXL 273 sq. ft. Garden House Kit, priced at just $10,895 with free shipping, includes several large windows to allow plenty of light in. It also comes with all the directions and materials you’d need to build this home, except the roof shingles and foundation materials.

This Allwood Solvalla 172 sq. ft Studio Cabin Kit is currently priced at $7,350. I’m loving the modern design and feel of this little space. I could definitely see myself relaxing in this cabin with my favorite book while soaking up some sun! 🤩 There’s even a covered patio so you can host a barbecue party!

And what’s fun about these cabin kits is that you can customize and paint them however you’d like! However, if you want to add anything extra, like air conditioning, plumbing, or electricity, to any of these homes, you’ll need to do that yourself—it doesn’t include any of those features.

Would you build your own tiny house?

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