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A Great Team Makes The Difference!

January 21, 2021

So today I was out of the store for a medical procedure. Fun right?

While in the recovery room and still mildly sedated, I receive a text from the crew at West Ashley Tool & Rental; something to the effect of "never a dull moment".Helping a friend

Given the fact that 2020 is still visible in the rear view mirror, I was prepared for anything....or so I thought.

Turns out a small bird flew into the glass storefront and was basically knocked out and unresponsive. The guys could have just ignored the situation and kept on with the day's activities. Instead, they sprung into action! I might add that both are retired veterans having served multiple tours and many years protecting our country.

Our service tech (he requested "I Fix Things" on his business card) somehow did CPR on this little critter and was able to get him revived. The team then made him a comfortable recovery nest and provided him some water.

A short time later, the little fella' perked up and flew on down the road. Probably with a sore head, but otherwise none the worse for wear!

The guys are already working on adding "Pet Repair" to our signs!

Way to go Team West Ashley Tool & Rental! Proud to have you guys on duty at West Ashley Tool & Rental!


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